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Introducing the AURA Smart Cycling System

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FARO smart helmet with lights, color black by UNIT 1

FARO Smart Helmet

Ride the safest helmet ever built.

Fully customizable integrated lights. Best-in-class materials and Mips. Crash Detection with location-enabled emergency message.

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faro black smart helmet blackbird sitting on stromer bicycle handle collab

Stromer x UNIT 1

World-first: a fully-connected smart riding experience.

Stromer & UNIT 1 reveal a world first: e-bike and smart helmet, connected & fully integrated into a seamless riding experience.

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"Comfortable, and stylish, urban helmet with clever safety features."

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"Really nice looking bicycle smart helmet. I mean, just look at it… It doesn’t get any better than this."

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"The ultimate accessory for cyclists looking for a high-tech and safe riding experience"

UNIT 1 app - Connect your helmet

The App

Supercharge your ride.

Customize every aspect of your helmet with unique colors & animations.


Gear up for the ride.


Navigation Remote

Signal your intentions.

U1 Backpack

Light up your commute.

U1 Bottle

Hydration on the go.