Faro Smart Helmet

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Color: Blackbird
Size: Small
The Faro Smart Helmet by UNIT 1 combines style, safety, and technology into the ultimate riding experience. This fully waterproof, highly-ventilated, Red Dot Award-winning helmet features 500+ lumens of integrated lights, Weather Monitoring, Crash Detection, ABS Hardshell & EPS Liner, and the Mips Safety System. Turn Signals and Automatic Brake Lights are available through the Navigation Remote (sold separately).
“This is just one of the best cycle products I have bought in ages… superb.”

- Stuart W. (Faro Owner)

“Faro is a simple wonder of smart engineering. Everything I could ever think of was designed into this product.”

- Kevin Williams (Faro Owner)

"Faro is far-and-away the best looking signalized helmet. The lights are plenty bright and the helmet is comfortable, too".

- Peter M. (Faro Owner)

Massive Light Footprint

+500 lumens of light footprint at eye-level will boost your visibility from every direction.

FARO black smart helmet - UNIT 1

Front Lights

Powerful, laser-focused white lights that will make you fully visible during daytime and nighttime.

Rear lights

Powerful, laser-focused red lights that will make you fully visible during daytime and nighttime.

Hidden Light

A beautifully designed, 46-LED light array, hidden beneath a fabric liner to create a unique, eye-catching light effect when turned on.

Turn Signals & Automatic Brake Lights

With the Navigation Remote, signal your intentions to drivers behind and make yourself predictable.

Crash Detection

Calls for help when you can't

UNIT 1 crash detection functionality for FARO helmet accelerometers

1. Detects a crash.

Faro is equipped with accelerometers & sensors that will detect a hard crash.

UNIT 1 app crash detection are you ok message

2. Checks if you're OK.

Faro will check if you're all right through the U1 App on your smartphone.

UNIT 1 crash app emergency sos message

3. Sends Your Location.

If you fail to respond, it will send an SMS with your location to your emergency contact.

Crash Protection

It doesn't get any safer.

Comfort & Design

Looks good. Feels great.

The new safety standard

What's in the box

UNIT 1 FARO smart helmet product image color black

FARO Helmet

UNIT 1 smart helmet USB charger

USB Type-C Charging Cable

UNIT 1 smart helmet User Manual

User Manual

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