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Your daily commute may be a great moment in your day and may also be filled with challenges, but let me tell you, there's one thing you might be overlooking that could make a life-saving difference. 

It's 2023, and far too many riders ignore the dangers of cycling alongside vehicles. Distractions behind the wheel are ever high, cycling infrastructure remains lacking in most countries and regrettably, the numbers confirm this.


Common Bicycle Accident Causes

Sharing the road with 3,000-pound vehicles and increasingly distracted drivers is a reality for cyclists, and the safety gear can be your shield of protection in these situations.

  • DOORING: Picture this - car doors suddenly opening in front of you with no time to react. It's an almost guaranteed collision that could have dire consequences.
  • POOR VISIBILITY: Not being seen by drivers significantly increases your chances of an accident. Riding without a helmet is like playing hide-and-seek with fate.
  • PEDESTRIAN HAZARDS: Pedestrians often step into bike lanes out of ignorance or distraction. A helmet not only keeps you safe but also makes you more visible to others.
  •  ABSENCE OF TURN SIGNALING: Signaling your intentions is crucial for your safety. Without it, you become unpredictable and easier to crash into.

Safety begins with prevention 

It's not a random thing that users of smart helmets with lights feel safer in the streets than those who ride in the dark, so it's about putting yourself in the place of a car driver and picturing a bike in the dark with a simple light under the seat. And now picture adding two bright lights in your head taking your light footprint to another level - which one would make you more visible and less likely to be crashed? 

Why Helmets Matter

It's not just my personal opinion, numbers reflect concerning problems and it's not just being fatalistic. 

  • Around 70% of accident fatalities involve people who were not wearing helmets. That's a sobering statistic that underscores the critical role helmets play in saving lives.
  • More than 50% of accidents occur during the dark hours, making visibility a significant concern. Without proper gear, you're at greater risk of being involved in a collision.

Take Action Today

My recommendation to start making your commute the safest and most pleasant is the following: 

  1. If you are still incredulous about the risks, you might want to find out the stats for your zone and check it out for yourself: (link) 
  2. Consider upgrading your safety game with a smart, lighted helmet, it's not just about protecting your head; it's about giving you an extra layer of safety by adding a light footprint in your highest point to be covered as much as you can in an increasingly unpredictable world.
  3. Make sure your new commuting buddy has turn signals to help you keep your hands on the handle and your language 100% clear to car drivers. Crash detection is an extra, super nice-to-have, feature that will help you take action as quickly as possible in case of an emergency. 

Your daily commute should be about convenience, not compromise. Start making the right choices today to ensure you arrive at your destination safe and sound. Your journey matters, and so does your safety.

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