Commuter using FARO smart helmet by UNIT 1
Let’s face it: people believe cycling is not risky. Even in the Netherlands, the country renowned for cycling, there exists a social pact against helmet use, with an adoption rate below 10%. In the Netherlands as well, according to traffic statistics, 2022 witnessed the highest number of cyclist fatalities in history.

At UNIT 1, after creating our first smart helmet, we discovered some fascinating insights:

  1. Our users feel safer. The lights and the ability to anticipate their maneuvers significantly enhance their coexistence with vehicles and their overall sense of security on the road.
  2. They also tell us that wearing a high-quality helmet that looks good is gratifying. For many, it was the reason why they chose us.
  3. But what caught our attention the most, and truly made us understand the depth of our mission, is that we provided them with a product that has saved their lives. We have received photos of our helmet in ambulances, with visible damage after an impact. Messages from family members thanking us because the helmet’s fall detection feature alerted them to come to the rescue after an accident. Stories of how the helmet’s lights helped them avoid collisions.

There’s no doubt that wearing a helmet that protects you from potential impacts increases your safety. There’s no doubt that having a large luminous presence at the highest point of your body increases your safety.

There’s no doubt that communicating your maneuvers increases your safety. All of this combined reduces the chances of being hit by a car—plain and simple. At UNIT 1, we believe in promoting responsible cycling practices and raising awareness about the potential dangers cyclists face on the road. Don’t be part of the list that underestimates the risks of cycling. You still have time.

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