UNIT 1 brings its biggest launch yet: the AURA Smart Cycling System.

The urban mobility startup - recently backed by Ponooc & Slingshot Ventures - is making its third appearance on Kickstarter, unveiling not one, but 4 products that work together as a system that will revolutionize rider safety.

Cycling is dangerous - sharing the road with cars & buses on decades-old infrastructure is far from fun. As bikes get faster and drivers get more distracted, UNIT 1 is raising the bar for safety with technology that makes riders visible - and more predictable - to drivers. On top of their already groundbreaking lineup - the FARO Smart Helmet, the TORCH Backpack and the Navigation Remote - UNIT 1 is now building the next generation of safety accessories for e-bikes, e-scooters and anything one can ride around town. The AURA Smart Cycling System is the apex of UNIT 1’s design & technology working in tandem to increase rider safety.

Designed to provide all riders - be it road or urban, bike or scooter - with game-changing safety. This advanced system integrates state-of-the-art technology and sleek design across multiple devices.

AURA cycling system

The AURA Cycling System includes a Hybrid Smart Helmet, Smart Lights, a Navigation Remote and Mobile App, all working seamlessly together to enhance rider safety.

The smart helmet is a hybrid helmet designed for both urban and road use with powerful integrated lights, crash detection and turn signal & brake light compatibility. The smart lights are front & rear capable - simultaneously - and will know what color to light up. Mount them anywhere with their magnetic mounts, use them and charge them on the go with our Charging Case. They are compatible with turn signals & brake lights. The navigation remote allows riders to control turn signals and Brake lights for all your devices, in sync. The UNIT 1 app is the hub that controls it all, home to all U1 devices for customization, energy management, crash detection and more.

And just what does AURA do for the rider in terms of safety? Francisco Abelleira, co-founder at UNIT 1 says " through multiple devices working together, AURA helps prevent a crash from happening, protects the rider if an accident does happen and even calls for help after the fact. It’s truly an Aura of protection surrounding the rider”. And it doesn’t stop at that either - Juan Garcia Mansilla, co-founder adds: “we’re also making sure each product solves very real pain points from their current - non smart - counterparts. Take our Smart Lights: they improve setup, transport and charging of conventional lights and completely transform the experience - even before considering synchronized lighting, turn signals or brake lights. The result is a lineup of products that achieve next-level safety whilst creating a new & improved riding experience”

The AURA Cycling System is currently available on Kickstarter. Backers can choose to participate through different product combinations, colors or sizes ensuring every type of rider and every type of ride get the perfect tool for the job.

UNIT 1 invites all cycling enthusiasts to join the Kickstarter campaign and help bring the AURA Cycling System to life. For more information, please visit AURA.

About UNIT 1

UNIT 1 is a US-based startup with operations across USA, UK & Europe. They create smart cycling accessories with their award-winning in-house design team and bring them to life on Kickstarter for the ultimate test. Their partners include Stromer - the leading speed-pedelec brand in Europe with whom they achieved the first ever helmet that connects to an e-bike - Mips AB - world leader in rotation impact absorption - and the PON Group, the world’s largest cycling player. UNIT 1’s mission is to make riders safe through design & technology, creating products that save lives and people love to wear.


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