Äike Scooter and UNIT 1 Smart Helmet Collaboration

UNIT 1 and Äike are excited to announce their new collaboration, joining two award winning products from the mobility industry to create the best riding experience.

UNIT 1 is a US-based startup with operations across USA, UK & Europe. Their award winning design team has brought in a Gold IF Award, a Red Dot Award and the EUROBIKE Award 2023. They create smart cycling accessories that make riding safer, with the mission to redefine safety for riders through design & technology, creating products that save lives and people love to wear.

Äike is a company from Estonia with the mission of empowering emissionless transport by bringing more high quality electric vehicles to riders everywhere. They’re responsible for creating the most user-friendly e-scooter for urban commuting with a removable battery, USB-C charging, automatic unlocking, and many more innovations to come. They were recognized by the German Design Award 2023 with the Gold for Excellent Product Design of Bicycles and E-Bikes.

“We are super excited to launch this partnership with UNIT 1 to take smart riding to the next level. Both UNIT 1 & ÄIKE share the same vision of taking back our streets in a safe yet stylish way, which is why we’re sure this bundle will excite mobility enthusiasts around the world.” said Äike’s Head of Brand Kaja Aulik.

The collaboration is set to bundle UNIT 1's FARO Smart Helmet and Äike's T-Smooth Scooter, providing a seamless riding experience for customers. Aike's young, bold and cool vibe combined with UNIT 1's sleek design and safety features make for the perfect partnership in the world of smart riding. This initiative brings together two high end brands that focus on design and performance, inviting riders everywhere to experience a unique commuting experience. The bundle is set to be available on Aike's website.

"Teaming up with Äike is a no brainer – we’re all about creating the best riding experiences for our users and they have an exceptional, beautifully-designed vehicle with an exciting brand proposition. We look forward to continuing down this road with them, crafting a unique riding experience for all.” says Juan Garcia Mansilla, co-founder at UNIT 1.

The bundle will be available for purchase starting September 5 at Äike's website with the code UNIT1 to get 1 month free from your subscription.

Äike and UNIT 1 invite you to join them as they take the world of smart riding to a whole new level of design and safety.


Campaign video: https://youtu.be/kiG1Qe42MEc

Media Contact:
Florentina Forgione
Head of Community 

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