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Faro and Stromer by UNIT 1

Stromer & UNIT 1 reveal a world first: e-bike and smart helmet, connected & fully integrated into a seamless riding experience. The two companies teamed up to connect their two flagship products – Stromer ST7 + UNIT 1 FARO Helmet – into a single ecosystem.

Stromer – global leader in the Speed Pedelec category – has just released their new flagship model, the ST7. This sets a new bar for all Speed Pedelecs to follow in terms of performance, build quality & reliability. With a brand so driven by pushing the limits, it’s not surprising that they wanted yet another layer of differentiation: ultimate safety. Tomi Viiala – co-CEO of Stromer – says: ‘Safety is an important factor for us and therefore we chose UNIT 1 to be our partner to develop the world’s first helmet that connects to an e-bike. UNIT 1’s design and technology match our brand perfectly.’

Stromer e-bike with FARO helmet by UNIT 1

Enter, UNIT 1, the new kid in the block: a young brand that is creating smart accessories for Urban Mobility. They combine design & technology to create beautiful, well-built products that make riding a safer, smarter experience. Their first product on their Urban Mobility lineup is the FARO Smart Helmet: a state-of-the-art bike helmet that features integrated lights, turn signals, an automatic brake light, crash detection and the – practically mandatory – Mips System. FARO brings in a whole new level of safety to the helmet world by making the rider visible to drivers. This helps prevent accidents caused by lack of visibility. In short, it could be said FARO and the ST7 pair up quite nicely. Juan Garcia Mansilla, co-founder at UNIT 1 says ‘smart accessories connected to each other does provide a new level of safety and integration…but adding the vehicle to the mix opens up exciting new possibilities’.

Smart helmet for Stromer - UNIT 1

How these two products come together is even more interesting: a Stromer x UNIT 1 helmet that connects directly to the ST7 bike. The helmet itself features custom-made graphics but the magic occurs within: instead of relying on the handlebar-mounted Navigation Remote for brake detection, the helmet is fully integrated with the bike.

We chose UNIT 1 because its design and technology match our brand perfectly.

Tomi Viiala – co-CEO of Stromer
CEO of UNIT1 and CEO of Stromer
Francisco Abelleira, our co-founder, with Tomi Viiala – co-CEO of Stromer – at Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt.

UNIT 1 is rapidly expanding its portfolio of smart accessories which will very likely make their way into the Stromer ecosystem as well. Stromer & UNIT 1 are gearing up to surround the rider with uncompromised technology and performance spanning vehicles & accessories – the result may very well be a completely new riding experience.

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