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UNIT 1 - the company behind the FARO Smart Helmet -  is thrilled to announce the closing of Stage 1 of the AURA Crowdfunding Launch: Kickstarter. The Campaign has closed with over 2,800 backers and $750k raised, thus breaking their previous record with FARO ($550k) back in 2021.

This success cements AURA’s first steps which, having won the Eurobike 2023 Award at its debut, was already off to a great start.

AURA raises 750k in Kickstarter 

“We are humbled by the response AURA has received from the Kickstarter community. This is a very tough & demanding crowd saying YES to our newest addition to the lineup - we couldn’t be more excited.” says Juan, co-founder @ UNIT 1.  

The AURA Hybrid Smart Helmet brings serious innovation to the table in a super light & well-ventilated format: this helmet is designed to service urban commuting as well as road cycling - hence the name, hybrid - whilst still offering the usual U1 safety features. AURA comes equipped with the Mips System, Crash Detection with GPS-enabled SOS and is Turn Signal & Brake Light capable through the U1 Navigation Remote. It also connects to the new U1 Smart Lights, allowing the rider to double its light footprint with synchronized lights, a serious level up in terms of visibility & predictability on the road.

Having closed the Kickstarter stage, AURA will continue its Launch journey on Indiegogo.

Stage 2 is now live on Indiegogo, where it will continue gathering early adopters who want in on the AURA lineup ahead of market entry.


You can access the Indiegogo Campaign here:


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