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Finally, drivers will respect you.

Faro is not just a damn good looking helmet. It's also the smartest and safest helmet ever built. Bike lights are useful, but they're not enough to make you visible to distracted drivers.




Massive Light Footprint

+500 lumens of light footprint at eye-level will boost your visibility from every direction.

Front Lights

Powerful, laser-focused white lights that will make you fully visible during daytime and nighttime.

Rear Lights

Powerful, laser-focused red lights that will make you fully visible during daytime and nighttime.

Hidden Lights

A beautifully designed, 46-LED light array, hidden beneath a fabric liner to create a unique, eye-catching light effect when turned on.

Navigation Remote

Communicate with Drivers

Turn Signals

Easily mount your Navigation Remote on the handlebar and let drivers know when you’re about to make a turn.

Automatic Brake Lights

The Navigation Remote is equipped with sensors that will detect you’ve slowed down, triggering brake lights on the back of the helmet.

Crash Detection.

Calls for help when you can't.

If the unfortunate event of an accident, Faro will send a message with your location to your emergency contact.

UNIT 1 crash detection functionality for FARO helmet accelerometers

1. Detects a crash.

Faro is equipped with accelerometers & sensors that will detect a hard crash.

UNIT 1 app crash detection are you ok message

2. Checks if you're OK.

Faro will check if you're all right through the U1 App on your smartphone.

UNIT 1 crash app emergency sos message

3. Sends Your Location.

If you fail to respond, it will send an SMS with your location to your emergency contact.

Mips Safety System

Protect your head like never before.

This low-friction layer inside the helmet - which allows a multidirectional micro-movement in angular impacts - reduces the rotational force to the head on angled impacts. Your brain is more sensitive to rotational movement than linear movement, so this Swiss technology gives you maximum protection for your head.

Revolutionary Magnetic Satisfaction

Buckling up in a super special way.FARO features a fidlock magnetic buckle that enables single-hand operation and makes it super easy to put on and take off the helmet.

What's in the box

UNIT 1 FARO smart helmet product image color black

FARO Helmet

USB Type-C Charging Cable

UNIT 1 smart helmet User Manual

User manual

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Gear up for the ride.

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Navigation Remote

USB Type-C Charging Cable

UNIT 1 black backpack with lights

USB Type-C Charging Cable