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TORCH Starter Pack



Our all-new Torch Backpack -equipped with a removable Smart Light for Turn Signals & Automatic Brake Lights- plus the Turn Signal device.

This bundle is one of our Cyber Week Deals, our biggest sale of the year.

Included in this bundle:

Torch Backpack with
Removable Smart Lights

iOS & Android App

USB-C Charging Cable

Turn Signals

Tech Specs

Stylish, everyday bag that is tough enough for commuting in rough weather - packing 120 lumens to make you visible.


23 Litres (6.1 Gallons)


500D Cordura with water-repellent coating


SPS Waterproof

Stay Organized.

23 liters of pro-level organization with more pockets you can count.

Pack Your Light.

Compatible With

Turn Signals Remote

Navigation remote for turn signals on Smart Helmet | UNIT 1

Easy-to-use Design

Mount the Remote to your bike's handlebar. Easily remove it after each ride thanks to it's detachable base.

Turn Signals

No-look buttons to activate turn signals while your hands stay on on the handlebar.

Automatic Brake Lights

Equipped with sensors, the Navigation Remote will detect you’ve slowed down and trigger brake lights.

Compatible with FARO Smart Helmet

Synchronized, dual light footprint.

Connect your Smart Light to your FARO Smart Helmet for the ultimate dual light footprint. Synchronize animations, turn signals and brake light for unbeatable visibility.

In terms of sleek urban design, it doesn’t get any better than this.
Super-Techie. Also Stylish.
The ultimate accessory for cyclists looking for a high-tech, safe, and comfortable riding experience.
Unparalleled Protection.


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