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Since FARO is so deeply customizable, it actually depends on what settings you chose. A battery-saving mode with flashing lights can give you 10 hours of riding time whilst an all-out max intensity setting can give you 3. You decide based on your riding style and on how often you want to charge it! (via a USB-C port, naturally).
FARO weighs 580g (that’s for the Medium size, non-Mips version). The Mips system adds about 12 grams. Whilst this can sound heavy, we’ve done a great job distributing the weight throughout the helmet, this makes it much easier to handle and vastly improves the feeling on the head.
The App is the interface through which you’ll endlessly customize your helmet (it’s almost addicting). It will also track your rides, allow you to set calorie-burn and riding distance goals for the week or month, show you your progress over time and even encourage your riding with fun challenges and badges.
Each light feature on FARO has a different 'job': the top lights are smaller but very powerful (for visibility from further away) while the hidden light is much bigger but not as powerful (for communication with drivers closer to you). Combined, FARO has over 500 lumens to make you visible and to communicate with drivers and other riders.
Riding is different for everyone, it depends on your level, your bike, the city you ride in, etc. To some, Turn Signals are absolutely essential… to others, not so much. Since we didn’t want to charge for a product only some of you would use, we kept it as an add-on, so each rider can decide for themselves. As a bonus, this allowed the base helmet to be more affordable.
The Mips Safety System is a low friction liner that is installed between the rider’s head and the inside of the helmet (not impacting the fit at all). It allows the helmet to rotate slightly during a rotational impact - which are the most common kind - absorbing extra energy and increasing protection to your brain.
Yes, Small, Medium & Large. FARO covers a range between 52 - 62 cm or 24.4 - 20.4 in. You can use our Size Finder to accurately find out your size before ordering your FARO.
FARO comes in 4 colors: Blackbird, Stingray, Maverick and Juniper. Fancy names aside, that is Black, Light Gray, Light Navy Blue and Olive Green. These are color designed to work with any outfit, being office attire or casual everyday clothes.
Very. Just as strong (if not stronger) than a regular buckle. That thing can withstand 65kg of force without coming apart.
Well, thank you! We designed the ventilation system to be low profile so it didn’t ruin the clean look: there’s 2 hidden front intakes (just above your eyes) that suck cool air in as you ride. Inside the helmet, they are connected through cooling channels to a pair of big vents on the top and a large vent on the back - this creates front-to-back airflow, keeping your head cool as you ride.